What are human values for environment?

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My answer to What are human values for environment?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The most important is respect. Respect for a system so intricate and awesome it is able to provide us with inspiration, with life, provide hope and give us a future.

We should fight for its existence with every idea and method available to us. We all remember our most treasured moment; that golden sunset an explosion of colors a diffusion of emotion that stillness as you wonder your future and reflect the past. That sunrise as you leap out of bed with all your dreams before you and the love you cherish accompanying you. Value; that which we give to those Emperors of the sea the Whales as they roar majestically to the sea and give us a world of sheer magnificence. Surprise as we watch the skillful navigators of the world oceans, the dolphins, steer their happy way. Care as an elephant slowly tramp hers dragoons of feet her children close by. Protection as a tiger shields his young from thsoe whose greed would extinct them. We have done so much to destroy our World and so little to protect it. I often wonder why you would even want to challenge the negative effects of climate change as care for the Planet can only improve all our lives. Every day we poor more chemicals into our World, more heat, more carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. We all know we are slowly destroying our World. Why then do we give it so little value? Because at the moment we can. But each day we move slowly towards the 'Pressure Cooker' effect. When the pressure and temperature reach critical mass and we will not be able to stop the huge clashes of wind sea and air that will try to reverse the direction of seas and winds. So Horror and fear is a value we must learn to give a price to. 400 years ( that is when mass deforestation began) is all it has taken to destroy this world and most of that in the last 50 years. How do we take the value of respect and give it a value without the horrors of climate change such as  Alberta Fires? Involvement. We must all be involved. But we have allowed Governments, incompetent and  self-interested Governments and other umbrella organisations to control our answers to Climate Change. The same people who have allowed it to get as bad as it is now and soon worse. I have a new system that would have prevented the Alberta Fires but as I keep reminding the world Obama and Cameron have and continue  to silence and censor me as well as the UK Media who will not report me. So in summary our values must become articulate and loud, or we will not have any Planet to value. http://www.desmondlast.com

What are human values for environment?

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