Is it bad I don’t feel sorry for homeless people I see on the street?

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My answer to Is it bad I don't feel sorry for homeless people I see on the street?

Answer by Desmond Last:

No. Why should you feel sorry for them? Do they feel sorry for the children who today will die in Africa of hunger and thirst?. Do I, an advocate of making sure they have a roof over their heads feel sorry for them? No. In fact the last emotion most homeless people want is your pity and sorrow. What are you to them? They want your money. So they can go and buy a meal or even a shower. The homeless live a very different life to yours. They have a lot to consider in a day. Where to get food from, how to get a shower, where to sleep that night as well as dealing with the threat of an over-zealous Policeman who just has to move them out of a warm doorway. If they have an addiction they will require that to be satisfied too. If they are young there will be those who want them for sex or even just assault them for it. if they are old they have to avoid being beaten-up. You see the problem with your question is that it would imply you think we can all handle the world and all its problems and simply carry on regardless. Some of those women you see on the street will have been forced there by violence and drug abuse. Women are always a target for those who want to get them on drugs to work for them as prostitutes. There are many women who will tell you that the nice quiet boyfriend turned into drug-dealing pimp. I had 2 homes in Sydney worth over 1.5 million dollars and a business – Sydney Boat Sales. I was illegally evicted from both of them by the ANZ Bank and was suddenly homeless. The Police officer who was part of my eviction said I could try a men's hostel for the homeless. Many people lose their homes. Look at the loans scandal in America, Steel workers in the U.K etc. Homelessness is not a crime. There are more and more people becoming homeless in the U.K many young – all prey to sexual predators to drugs and to crime. Take the U.K. It has allowed its infra-structure to be overwhelmed by those seeking work from Europe and the Commonwealth. They all need homes and they displace young English-born who form a resentment against them and the Gov and those who represent the Gov – not MP's – the Police. Good Government Policy is the champion of the Government. Bad policy is the responsibility of the Police. We are at the door of a very different World. Climate Change, Conflicts, Terrorism and the total failure  of the Capitalist System to equalise wealth through a system which should be transparent, effective ,equal and does not submit to monopolisation- but does not. There are other categories of homeless. Climate Change refugees have nowhere to live, have lost all their belongings and some will stay homeless. Economic refuges have no money and cannot get work. Refugees from conflicts who simply get fed-up of their enforced surroundings and wander to wherever they can to be better  off.  Feeling sorry for them is not going to help the homeless. But understanding why they are homeless and support  those who are trying to change the system – like me, who Obama and Cameron have done everything they can to silence will help- will. The people in the photo are homeless – from the Alberta bushfire – would you help them?

Is it bad I don't feel sorry for homeless people I see on the street?

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