How will global warming impact world population?

My answer to How will global warming impact world population?

Answer by Desmond Last:

In several ways. Initially it will in some areas lead to a possible increase in the world population. In areas where the ability to carry water and look or work for food is the daily no 1 ,families have children to ensure they can feed themselves and also to allow for those that may die. However  in the long-term we are going to see a sharp fall in the world populations – but not just in Third World Countries. Because of the economic  systems and cartels we have such as the CAP the G7, G20 and the EU many countries do not grow the foods they need to supply their population ,if food supplies are disrupted. In addition the increased  global median temperatures and the scarcity of fresh uncontaminated water will lead to an increase in communicable diseases – and in fact it has- Zika and Yellow Fever. A City such as London with its aging sewage system ( much better to spend the money bombing Syria and Iraq) and a large transient population could be hit by a major epidemic and food shortage. The people of London have nowhere to go. Europe would close its borders to the UK to contain the pandemic and millions would die. In India 300 million people are suffering drought conditions, so too in Africa, America, South America and Australia. As the water levels are reduced the water becomes more contaminated. The volume of water that was before x times 2 to absorb air borne and ground water transmitted toxins is now x minus 1. Yet we still all want to drink the same water as before. It is going to be the biggest problem we have to face for individual survival ( ie governments will not be able to help you) and what are governments doing about – zero. Paris 21 will be seen as the biggest failure in modern history of Government simply unable to grasp the enormity of the crises ahead for the survival of mankind. Obama did not even stay – he left after he made his' look at me speech'. As the water levels are reduced and become salinated then we reduce the rain and food production and when it does rain the heat pressure system caused by the drought ensurers the rain hits warmer  air at times and mass that cause massive downpours and floods – the floods wash away seedlings and contaminate food production .

Anybody who says that food production will not be affected by cliamte change had better get on a Plane and go to India where right now 300 million people are asking themselves where is our food going to come from. Australia is in drought conditions that will only get worse their  government is supplying farmers with money, Ethiopia and Somalia too, and South Americans and Californians are on water rations – all which mean less food. You cannot say Agriculture has beneficially increased  its yield per acre because that has come at the expense of our health and the sustainability of our bio-systems with chemically induced growth and by growing the wrong  foods to maximize profit – we cannot live on rapeseed and margarine. Each drought makes the next drought longer and harsher and the consequent loss of food production. To summarize the answer to your question – in the long-term it will cause the death of many many millions. There is still time to address the way in which we are dealing with the accelerating rate of change to our Plants environmental systems but we do not have the will.

I started writing 8 years ago about the need for each government to ask themselves this question. What is the size of population you need for your own domestic economy to feed and water its own population.  8 years later I am still totally ignored by Government.

How will global warming impact world population?

Author: Desmond Last

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