How soon will the Antarctic ice melt due to global warming?

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My answer to How soon will the Antarctic ice melt due to global warming?

Answer by Desmond Last:

It will not. It will never melt. That is the implied statement given to us by our Governments and scientists.  The Paris 21 agreement does not begin until 2020 and its non-compulsory wording, which has as many get out of agreement clauses as is possible, is set to continue past 2050  and allows any government to withdraw from the Agreement with one years notice. This means that something as catastrophic as the Antarctica completely  melting with the consequent climate change effect is not going to happen. This is from our World Leaders who have not managed to solve any of the World's Problem's and gave us Climate Change in the first place. What these 'fountains of improbability' our World leaders appear to be saying is that " Yes, we have a problem but its not too bad and $100 billion a year from 2020 to every trough feeder  and corrupt government , false research group and umbrella organisation should fix the problem. As all the scientists are at home watching the football or at their local x event and not in the middle of organising a revolution so they too must agree it is not a problem. Just like the 100,000 people in Alberta who right now are being chased by a raging bushfire made worse by our climate. They too must think Climate Change is not a problem. Well there they were in the middle of a Canadian Forest with only 200 fire-fighters fighting the fire – so not too much to worry about! I however, who have been writing about Climate Change for 8 years have foretold all that is happening and had systems to deal with the negative effects of Climate Change – but as we know Obama has censored me. When the Antarctica melts it will raise Global sea-levels by some 200' (nicola jones 05.05.2016 Environment 360). That will mean in some areas a lot more than 200' . Yet if you read the Paris 21 agreement is seems to have lost the Antarctica – as it is not mentioned. Just in case Obama reads this let me make it nice and simple. Every-time we lose surface area of the Antarctica we lose an area which is cooling air. The Antarctica and the Arctic are like car radiators they allow Global Air Currents to be cooled as they travel the Planet. Each time some of that area is lost there is more heat to cool and less area to do it with. The other factors are underwater temperature and the speed of the air. Those who state new ice is being formed do not say to say that it will not have the same density and hence heat absorption factor as older ice. So the accelerating rate at which the ice is melting speeds up as it has to absorb more heat. As time goes on the factor of heat absorption to area able to absorb heat will be multiplied by 2 3 4 etc. Which is why so many predications have underestimated the rate of ice loss. Paris 21 does not take this into account. Just as it does not take brushfires into account and the consequence deforestation or droughts and the change to our pressure systems. I find it amazing that Paris 21 to John Kerry is a done and dusted deal for climate change. The very first project the world should have completed before even beginning  to put an agreement together is a Global Model to map for real-time simulation.

So the answer to your question is A) Obama and John Kerry – it never will. B) Me less than 10 years. Why do I say that. Because why would you try and understate the biggest threat to mankind ,other than the stupidity of our world leaders ,in its short but destructive history.

How soon will the Antarctic ice melt due to global warming?

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