How does global tourism increase global warming in the world?

My answer to How does global tourism increase global warming in the world?

Answer by Desmond Last:

When you light a match where does the heat and carbon-dioxide go? When you wash your clothes with  the chemical cleaner sold in the supermarket where do the chemicals go. When you drive your car where do the exhaust gases go? When you sit in your aircraft to go on holiday where does the unburnt kerosene go?

When a bushfire such as the one in  is raging in Alberta where do all the toxins that are released go?. Where does the heat go? When there is an oil-spill where does all the oil go? When the 4000 chemicals that are now in the air we breathe in are in our lungs where do they go? When you spray an aerosol where do all the propellants go? I can go on…..

When you land in your country of destination you set into play a series of actions which I am afraid to say do nothing to help the environment. But they could and that is the tragedy of climate change – we could have created jobs, international co-operation, new technologies, in fact a bright new World. Instead Governments got scared and listened to greed. Big tall air-conditioned buildings, huge amounts of water consumption, economies geared to profit by overseas multi-nationals and hand outs to greedy corrupt governments. All while Al Shabab or Boko Haram watch

as they come in by the plane load whist the people of their country starve and live in absolute poverty. You see not only does tourism provide so much to the rich it takes away so much from the poor. Go to any major city in the  Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia. Look at the poor in their millions with so much effort centralised on rich Western tourists. Those poor have little in the way of sanitation and clean water – that then spreads disease – another negative of climate change. Zeka is carried by mosquito but its cause is stagnant and de-oxygenated water which in cities is also polluted. Spraying a insecticide in the air is not going to stop the spread of Zika but clean running water will – but we have less and less water. How many of these 5 star hotels in tourist cites dump their rubbish and fouled water on the poor.. I put forward in my new economic system of climate change neutral cities where tourists would go to marvel at the people and new technology but as we all know Obama and Cameron have silenced me for 8 years and the scum UK Media will not report anything to do with me.

How does global tourism increase global warming in the world?

Author: Desmond Last

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