How do you see climate change and Sino-US relationship?

My answer to How do you see climate change and Sino-US relationship?

Answer by Desmond Last:

China has never participated in the Post War World. The Emergence of its  market economy has been with little regard to its industrial pollution. Instead of seeing the  World Economy as a Partnership it has instead choose to try and monopolise it. It has allowed corruption to distort the internal effects of its new economy and has had scant regard for any long-term effects of its race to control world demand through an excess of supply. Now we are all suffering the consequences of an ideology which would seem to want to conquer rather than share. But then is China any different to America or Europe? We are about to enter a new era of International Politics. It could have been very different but Obama and Cameron have ensured my development of the United Nations will not be put to the World or China or for that matter to Russia – United Nations 2  is a development which would have brought Peace and co-operation. Instead we are now going to have isolation. Countries will guard their water, store their food, fight for their power and if necessary invade  for it. If that means making the first strike in order  to ensure that they can maintain supply they will. Countries like the UK ,who do not or will not have enough water to supply industry and domestic need, who import 60 percent of their Power and who are a nett importer of Food are very vulnerable to Climate Change – but they have a head in the sand attitude. China has already displayed it is not shy to seize what it wants – take the building of the Island Reef near Taiwan to gain territorial space. Nobody has stopped them. The West is weak. Obama was a walkover and never really came to grips with the Middle East or Asia China. Cameron who sees himself as a Statesman has become a World Joke. Only Russia is able to stand eye to eye with China. The co-operation between China and Russia in Afghanistan is a clear indication that China views America as a customer and Russia as a Partner. Merkel and Europe are closing the Borders of Europe with its emerging European Army. It is obvious from the increase in Military spending that World Peace is an ideal as far as World Leaders are concerned. I see it as a reality but then who am I? The post war era is truly over. America will need to protect its Fuel Supplies and bring its Troops home – Brushfires, Drought, Earthquakes and even possibly nuclear accident will require civil law enforcement and hands to drive Earthmover's.  China and America will still talk but when the time comes each will do whatever it has to in order to protect its citizens. That is the difference. America has protected its interests and many of those interests have been about money – now it will have to protect its citizens. The Paris 21 Agreement is a joke. It is not mandatory, it does not start till 2020 , it gives away 100 billion dollars a year and nobody reports back till 2025. It will not stop one bushfire till 2025 or drought or flood. It  is obvious China and America have very different agendas or they would have agreed to a much more enforceable agreement. The inferno in Canada has shown how ill-prepared the West is for the increasing  negative effects of Climate Change. China will not follow through on its promise to reduce pollution  even though its want to. It will be too busy dealing with floods, drought and an increase in air and water borne virus. It would be nice to say that China and America were going to build a Solar Plant in the Middle East and Africa to supply all the Power the World Needs – but as they are not, it kind of backs up my answer to you.

How do you see climate change and Sino-US relationship?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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