Does God know himself as God?

My answer to Does God know himself as God?

Answer by Desmond Last:

He used too. God knew exactly who he was and stood for. I mean it all appeared to be so easy. Create an incredible Planet, provide its People with brains, imagination, ideas, dreams and then walk off saying ' Job well done'. What could go wrong? It is not as if they are all going to kill each other and pollute Paradise he said to an amazed Heaven. After all the odds on 7 days were 100 to one but then God did always like a Challenge. Anyway he was stirred from a well earned million year sleep by Angel the the guardian of Mankind with her accompaniment of Humanity. Crying with fear for mankind she told God that mankind had began its path to its own destruction. Greed had replaced charity and compassion, despair had replaced hope. Power had overcome democracy. God looked at Angel and said who am I? Am I not the word that gave love, the voice that commanded respect and the actions that created a heaven for mankind's existence? No obviously not – they are not taking any notice of me. With that God left mankind to its own devises – you know the rest…

Does God know himself as God?


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