Does God exist?

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My answer to Does God exist?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Why does it matter? Are we so unable to learn from ourselves the mistakes of the past? I believe in God, if were not for his intervention I would be dead. However as one who has been developing the writings of Jesus God the gr8 Prophet St Muhammad and their followers in the 'Epiphany 'so that we can better live with each other,  I know God wants competition. When we pray to God and ask for him to bless our fighter aircraft before they rain missiles down on defenseless children do we really think he is listening? When we pray to God for World peace and then shake hands with World Leaders who wage war on innocent people or perpetuate wars for their own interests – do you think he applauds us.? When Desmond Tutu stands up in the United Nations and lectures us all on why we should feed Africa and then heads off to a five-start restaurant with his millions in then Bank sitting down with the delegates whose own bank accounts could feed thousands (and where did the money come from?) and the starving still starve. Do you think God blesses him? When I write and almost destroyed for writing to improve the World and the Archbishop of Canterbury does nothing to stop my intersection do you think God Blesses him too?

God is not a drive-in or a Vending machine into which you put your prayers and out comes your winnings. He wants new ideas. He wants me and you to say to him; Thanks God for the Planet, for our minds, our imagination but we can take care of it from now on. He is not a nanny, and now here we are. The world is at its most Evil. There are more conflicts, more poverty, more inequality, more greed, more corruption and everyday we do more and more to ruin that which was given to mankind as a gift. So what do we do? You all watch and pray to God. But what do you actually do? Nothing. I smile when I hear ISIS request  God protect them, then hear the murderous e Syrian Air force do the same, then hear the Russian Air Force do the same, then hear the French Air Force etc etc.  Who the hell do they thin the are. GOD is not somebodies property. He is imagination, he is emotion, he is pure reason and logic and most of all he is truth and respect. I do not agree with all that God does and I am sure he does not agree with all that  I do. But God knows I will not give in to Evil. He knows my ideas to better the Woerld are not for me but for thsoe that need them. He knows that I care and he knows I would die for that care. He also knows those that are Evil. God sees everything, he records every single blade of grass growing, he knows who has crossed the line and has an eternity of Hell waiting for them. He knows that I do not agree with his method of punishment as I can't yet see all those who have tried to blind me screaming in Pain as angry Hell's Eagles peck out their eyes – he knows I think it would make great Prime Time TV.

God is at he end of his patience with us. I had to laugh the other day – Gates wants to send little transmitter into Space to see if anybody is out there…… Mr Gates for a bright man you are sometimes stupid. If they were out there (which they are) they would contact us. But why would they? What can we possibly give to another World – Evil. That is mankind's currency. It exchanges Innocent and life for corruption and death.

Of course God exists – watch the sunset, the birth of a new day, two lovers arm in arm. Listen to laughter, cry with joy, clap in sheer amazement, cuddle your son and kiss your wife. God gave us goodness and he gave us the means to enjoy that goodness – and it was not with artificial Intelligence.

But now we are day by day, pornographic page by pornography page, corrupt man by corrupt man, Innocent death by innocent death replacing it with Evil. What happens when somebody comes along to make the World better – the World kills him or her.

If we want that which God has given us we must rise above the Evil, we must stand eye to eye with those that govern us with theri corrupt ways, we must be Guardians of our own souls, and we must do it now before it is too late.One of my sentences when I started writing 8 years ago was – it is all about God – and it still is.

Does God exist?

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