Do we need weapons for global peace?

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My answer to Do we need weapons for global peace?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Yes. The most powerful weapon on earth is the Pen and its ability to bring imagination and hope to the World. I can with my £2 pen (I am only on £107/week) bring more Peace and Security to the World than the $650 billion dollars a year that Obama and his Military shop-alcoholics and his super computers and Artificial Intelligence is able to. It is not possible to bring Peace to our world unless we first have an entry and exit strategy for any military conflict – as any U.K soldier will know, that was the key to General Montgomery’s success in WW2. We also have to have an implementation method for peace and a way of bringing it to the people. Tanks and bombs will not bring peace alone. It will need a new philosophy, a new way of thought and a new way of the people of the world living and working together. That is what I have written. When Cameron went into Libya he had not put pen to paper. He no doubt thought he was doing the right thing. But Cameron was and still is unable to think globally. But I digress. If Cameron had used my development of UN2 and my works on bringing Islam and Christianity closer together had been published, Libya would now not have three governments and ISIS. My development of the United Nations gives, for the first time, the people of the World International Democracy. We do not have that at the moment it simply does not exist. In UN2 Delegates are voted in by the people. There are two democracy chambers. One for the elected delegates the other for Global Community groups such as Aid Organisation, the Military, the Church Groups, etc. My development of the U.N stops all AID Payments. Only loans are given with strict controls. AID is a cause of conflicts. It maintains un-democratic governments and increases military spending.There is also a mandate for a Global Defense Force to bring Peace should a conflict not be resolved. It consists of highly-trained troops who teach peace-keeping strategies to to the regional troops of the world – ie Africa would have its regional troops made up of each country group. That way it would not need the costly funding of a separate military group and its equipment. The mandate would be renewed every 3–4 years. There in very brief summary is your answer. A new World Order which would bring Peace to the World. It did not cost $650 billion. Of course there is so much more. I have written pages. It is up to the world. I cannot put my new system to the world until my persecution in the UK stops. But Cameron and Obama have ensured I am not able to put my new systems and ideas to the World . The UK Media will not report me or even acknowledge my existence so the world is not going to have the opportunity to decide for itself. That is without doubt in the hands of the People of the World who do want a World of Peace and Hope. In that I include the Taliban, Al Queada, Boko Haram and Al Shabab. For if we are to have Peace all Terrorism has to stop. We all have to live together.

Do we need weapons for global peace?

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