Can there ever be peace in Middle East..?

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My answer to Can there ever be peace in Middle East..?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Yes has to be the answer. To suggest anything else would be to say that we are by our own actions destined forever to be in conflict with each other. But I have to say that the people of the Middle East first have to resolve one Question in order to begin the road to Peace. When they die and all go to Heaven – have you ever met anybody from the Middle East who is not going to Heaven? – how they are they going to live with each other when they do die? Today 14 football supporters of Real Madrid Football Club in Samarra Iraq were killed by ISIS or ISIS add-ons . ISIS Add-ons are people who uses the ISIS name for their own agenda and are not directly controlled by ISIS. Now I am not the world’s leading expert on the Quran or the gr8 Prophet Muhammad but I am sure the gr8 Prophet Muhammad never said go and kill Innocent people watching Real Madrid. Of course ISIS will counter with Jesus never said kill 300,000 Syrians. The point is that those who killed the supporters see themselves as God’s worriers as do the Russian Bomber crew who killed innocent civilians as do the Syrian Pilots that kill innocent civilians. Fighting because your belief in God is so strong and so jealousy loyal is not going to win any wars for you. For the more extreme you become than the more extreme becomes the reaction to you. Why is it that Sunni thinks that their Prophets are so rights and Shiite believe their’s is the path to Heaven. So gr8 is their belief that they are prepared to die for that belief. The West and Christianity have fed their beliefs and supported one side or the other to ensure, not Peace, but division. The West dominance of Middle East policy has strangled the development of Middle East Philosophy and natural democratic Government

. This means it has to continue to rely on the only philosophy it has and the now distorted meanings given to it. Read the ISIS magazine. They have a new understanding of the Quran that even could be used for Parking Penalties such is the abundance of new applications of the Quran for every action they take. I know from my own experience with Obama and Cameron, who have stopped me developing my new Process for Middle East Peace, that Western Leaders are simply unable to comprehend that a philosophy can bring peace, and that an absence of a modern philosophy replaced by Ethics Committees, has lead to the consequent decline in morality. A decline so great it has drawn people to ISIS. As long as we have Cameron's and Obama’s who hypocritically condemn ISIS then watch as Russia or Syria kill civilians and do nothing to stop the murders and in front of the world, support my Persecution, there will never be Peace. John Kerry too must realize that a new Syria does not mean an old regime or a group of rebels who too killed civilians. No, for Peace to come to the Middle East there has to be Gods will in a modern world.

Can there ever be peace in Middle East..?

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