Are the Fort McMurray wild fires a direct result of global warming and therefore human caused?

My answer to Are the Fort McMurray wild fires a direct result of global warming and therefore human caused?

Answer by Desmond Last:

It is time we stopped using Climate Change as an excuse for incompetent Government. Climate Change is a causal factor. But more importantly, why we were  so few fire-fighters initially fighting a fire in an area with so much potential for a raging Inferno. On that point we as a World cannot let Canada fight this fire on their own – the smoke and heat generation will affect the World's Climate and destroy so much more of Canada. Can somebody wake-up Obama and tell him to mobilise his 500 billion dollar Military and send them up there. Perhaps there is something Obama is useful for.

We cannot continue to wait for climate change disasters to occur and then use a hose to put out an inferno. So much in the way of training and resources allocation needs to be improved. I have written a whole system for dealing  with Climate Change disaster and in particular bush-fires; all totally ignored by Government. Here are some factors which are ignored by Government when allocating resources for Bushfire.

We continue to pour chemicals into our air, land and water. This increases the flammability of our natural materials. Where do you think all the chemicals we put into the Planet go – into Space?  There are about 4000 chemicals in the air we breathe. Many of these chemicals are flammable and will remain in the air which circulates our Planet. Eventually they will be deposited on trees undergrowth etc  leading to an increased flammability. Chemical compounds such as nitrous  oxide are able to form sub groups of chemicals with residue that remain in our atmosphere for a long time – acid rain is a chemical which stays in the ground to be released in a bushfire

and on hot days – which is why so many brushfires seem to start so easily now. The difference between a bush fire ignition point and no bush-fire is .1 of a degree and as our atmosphere heats up that .1 becomes more critical.

When a bushfire hits a house the average flame temperature is 1000 Kelvin, or 727degrees.

The high temperatures create a fire-storm hurricane sucking in more and more oxygen adding to the heat of the surrounding air. I have watched a fire jump a river, so hot was the air.  So your question has two answers; the cause and the method of dealing with the outcome.

Apparently the cause was dealt with by Paris 21 – which means incompetent World Leaders have not  dealt with the cause of brushfires and we can expect bushfires to get so much worse. Paris 21 allows countries to pull out of the agreement, it is not mandatory, it does not have any specifics and it does not start till 2020 with five years before it is the first report back – that is 2025 and 500 billion dollars later and still no real action to stop bushfire ,and the Canadian government agreed to the sham that it is.

We cannot leave brushfires  to be dealt with by local governments who have no qualifications in allocation of resources and disaster management. These bushfire must come under military control. There is no other option. The Fire Services, despite their bravery and dedication cannot deal with fires on the scale of Fort McMurray. Perhaps if Canada was a little less preoccupied with Iraq and Syria its Military might start caring about its own backyard.

I am highly critical of the Worlds senior Military commanders from all countries. They have sat  back for climate change, as they have for 300,000 Syrians dying in a unnecessary prolonged conflict. Yet a major bushfire or flood even food riots caused by drought are ideal conditions for an armed force to seize control of a country.

It is time the World's Military Command became unified in dealing with Climate Change and my new System(s) do just that. So in summary I lay the blame at the feet of the Canadian Government. I bet they have spent more fighting ISIS then spending resources on bushfire prevention and equipment. The time, and the only time ,to stop a bushfire is right at the beginning. That needs planning, systems and resources and Political Will. We the People must be prepared to sack Governments who are not able to deal with the Climate Change Disasters to come.

Are the Fort McMurray wild fires a direct result of global warming and therefore human caused?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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