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This is My Story. A Very Short Version.


My name is Desmond Last. I am currently living in the U.K where I care for my mum who is 88 - 24/7 on £107 a week. I am 61 years of age. When my circumstances change I am returning to Australia where I have lived and worked for the past 25 years.


This story is all true. I have no reason to lie or exaggerate events. I have no criminal record. In Australia I was a Justice of the Peace.


I am unable to tell the whole story. You would not believe me. One day the whole disgusting set of events will be told. I am not going to let corrupt and lying Governments, very Senior Police and other senior members of the Establishment get away with not carrying out their legal duty. The criminal vermin allowed by your Governments to destroy me life under the lie of a Global Social Experiment have I believe also subjected children men and women to a terrible fate. One day I will face Prime Ministers and Presidents in a Court of Law.Every effort has been made to shut me up. The Criminals will have to face their fate - whatever that will be.



Some 8 years ago whilst living in Sydney I decided I would sell my very successful business see Sydney Boat Sales on YouTube also

Archive Copy of Sydneyboats.com.au and instead begin to work for a 'better world'.


I decided I would use the money from the sale of my business and the money earned from my writing, singing and innovative new ideas and fashion designs to produce the revenue I needed to begin my new business. I would then work with communities that would benefit from my new ideas for a better world.


Summary of my ideas and writing


With the money earned from my work and marketable ideas I would also form a Global Investment Bank to replace Government Donor Aid and work with economic communities to be self-sustaining.


It never happened. Nobody wanted to buy my highly successful business with a marina on Sydney Harbour. I had a new 3x3 lease, a 15 berth marina with a transferable lease, 7 moorings and workboats and 12 years of profitable audited books. Overnight people stopped coming to buy the boats I had for a sale and my marina in sight of Sydney Harbour Bridge suddenly emptied of boats. Somebody had undermined my very successful business. The only reason that it could have been was to get my business for nothing.


It got worse. The ANZ Bank also acted against the law by illegally evicting me from my home(s) in Sydney - and lied to do so.



A lot of my work was stolen and copied whilst I lived in Sydney; The vermin who did this told people I did not want any money or recognition for my work and then claimed that they had been given my work. They formed a large International Group and then falsely produced my ideas as theirs. They have been supported in their lies by Government Agencies.

They are a very nasty group who work under the name of a Global Social Experiment as well as Umbrella Research and Charity Group(s).

They are I believe U.K based but operate throughout the World.

I advise all Parents to keep their children away from them.


Read https://www.facebook.com/warningtoparents/


Eight years~ have now passed by. During those

8~ years I have been exposed to the legal abuse of Power by both the Australian and U.K Governments and much worse. 6 x I have had to endure attempts to question my Mental Health - all a waste of time but very harassing and threatening. Each time I have been told to 'stop writing'. Each time I was not provided with legal representation, told my rights or given any formal documentation. I have been told that there must be something wrong with me because I believe I can improve the World. I believe the same Group to be behind the failed attempts to question my Mental Health.


For those who want to say I am insane then read the letter from NHS Oxford's Senior Psychiatrist Dr Stephen Merton. He clearly states that my mental heath is fine.


Legal Abuse of Power and

Letter from Dr Stephen Merson Consultant Psychiatrist of the U.K's National Health Service in Oxford.


Thankfully the harrasment by the Governments regarding my Mental Health has stopped but certain other circumstances continue.


Attempts have been made to harm me. I am still alive - thanks to God. So I must be doing something right. I know what I know is serious and involves Governments - serious enough to try and get rid of me.


My identity has also been stolen and used. This has been reported to the Police. But no action was taken.

In only 12 months Over 1 Million people have read my Questions and Answers on Quora.


Strangely no matter what T.V Station, Newspaper or any form of media I have written to over the last 8 years not one Journalist has ever responded. The same for Human Rights Groups and Lawyers - nobody responds.


I still have my ideals, my new ideas and I still have my gift of writing. But the World has not been able to listen to me explain my new ideas.


There is a so much more which I have left unsaid because it is too unbelievable. It has not been easy.


I will one day seek the Justice I deserve in a Court(s) of Law.


It will I believe result in a Prime Minister(s) or even a President(s) being called before a Court of Law to explain their Government's actions in this matter.


The letter below is from the Australian Government to me. It clearly states my right to not be subjected to cruel, degrading and inhumane treatment is protected by Australian Law. It is Exhibit Number One in my case against the State and Federal Governments of Australia and the United Kingdom (for which I have a similar letter) as well as the ANZ Bank.




"My life became a living Hell when nearly 10 years ago I decided I wanted to 'change the World' with my new ideas". This is my story of the last 10 years of my life". A Story that will one day face at least 2 Prime Ministers in Court and possibly a President.