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About Me: My name is Desmond Last. For the past 12~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am also a Poet, singer/songwriter and I enjoy producing music and fashion concepts. All my writing and work is copyright protected. No others can use it or profit from it. My ‘passion’ writing is ‘Angel‘, ‘The Epiphany‘  and a Rock Opera I hope one day to stage called ‘Pavement Marine. A short extract of Angel can be found on I have not published as I have been informed ‘ a group’ have claimed my writing. I hope one day to prove that is so and complete my work. I cannot profit from my writing so I work full-time on automotives.

My sister Bea Last is the well-known ‘brilliant’ artist In 2020 I shall be producing music/poetry videos on subjects that matter to people. The first two were made in December 2019. My sister Bea Last created the imagery and I added the words, music and sound. See YouTube Click here

What do I stand for? I stand for the Truth, Justice, Equality, Principle and Integrity. I am not perfect – who is? I want Governments who are the will of the People and not a selfish ideology pursued at all costs to the detriment of peoples who seek a united and passionate commitment to life. We should each of us make our own personal statement about who we are and what we stand for – only then can we understand each other and reconcile differences.

The White House on behalf of President Trump have replied to my comments and writings on subjects that are of importance to our World.

Writing in Difficult Circumstances. Since I have began writing my life has been subjected to a series of unwarranted and uninvited circumstances some of which are recorded in Desmond Last My Story. This included assertions about my Mental health in Australia and the United Kingdom which were proven to be totally false and were not very pleasant to have to deal with – see letter below. I intend when circumstances permit to prove in a Court of Law(s) that the illegal and painful circumstances I have endured were not coincidental.

As of 21 1 2020 1 I have 1.78 Million Q&A Views on Quora – but it would appear not one from a single Journalist as my writing is never reported by any media.

1.8 million QA views of my answers to Q on Quora that matter to the people.

I am currently writing a ‘Reality Paradox’ in that it seeks the reader to decide if he or she is being developed by the writing or the acts within them yet it also questions your reality. It is called Principle and Integrity. You may be in it – most of the People in the World are.

ISIS and Counter Terrorism.  This work has a destiny and a fate. It will one day be published in its entirety (this is only its beginning). On the day it is published somebody somewhere in the World will put down his or her weapon and pick up the book these words shall be contained in. Terrorism will not be stopped by force alone.  I have written in part ‘The Epiphany’ which is a journey through the soul of man and woman as the acknowledgement of the magnitude of God’s achievement. I seek to develop the possibilities of faith through both torment and enlightenment – the fight of Good against Evil. Evil has none other than a selfishness. Evil encompasses all and devours in its entirety. It is Evil we should be defeating not each other. There is only one God and we as a People are either Good or Evil. It is a choice we each have to make. Evil is the common enemy and we must all act as one regardless of our faiths in order to defeat it.  The Epiphany is an essential work if those who seek to serve God through acts of terror are to be provided with an alternative to the ISIS misuse of the ‘Word of God’. It is also a reminder to those who so easily explain civilian deaths in war as ‘collateral damage’ that God is equal in his salvation and all-encompassing in his condemnation of the destruction of innocence. It begins with The journey into the soul of a World of People’s is lost in a darkening reflection of the shifting sands of their own corruption and wasted principle as it begins with one voice alone and powerful. The voice thunders with an angered emotion as it sits astride the bucking fearsome steed of God’s Justice. Click Here to Read On.

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My Climate Change Trojan Horse Theory which the CIA and MI5/6 will not acknowledge as a potential threat to the Western World. Even today (10.8.19) the warnings given by the Science Community do not reflect the true accelerating rate of change to our Climate. I believe the rate of acceleration is squared ie it is the rate of acceleration that is causing the rate of acceleration and not predominantly carbon emissions – we have passed that accelerator. What if a military force hostile to the United States of America intended to use Climate Change as a Trojan Horse to threaten America? Obviously, the CIA and MI5/6 know everything because they ignore any attempt to assist them in maintaining a ‘safe world’. Who am I to come up with a theory and try to warn them that such a threat is a real possibility? I believe it is possible to use Climate Change as a means of threatening the National Security of the United States and Europe. Read on…..

Brain 2 Computer Technology. My discussion of its Dangers and the failure of the U.S.A & U.K Government’s Security Services to correctly evaluate its systemic extrapolation as a threat to National and Global Security, particularly in relation to ‘Third Party Government’ ………..I also discuss it’s potential as a causal factor in U.S mass shootings and other unexplained random shootings. Click here to read on

Social & Medical Experimentation. I am campaigning to ensure that our Governments positively approve all Social and Medical Experimentation and monitoring of such groups is carried out by the Government, Police and Medical Regulatory Bodies. I particularly warn Governments and Police Forces that such groups are more likely to involve children than any other group and the risk of child abuse needs to be carefully monitored. Click here to read on

Mental Health Act UK & Australia. There is an urgent Need to Change the Mental Health Acts of both the United Kingdom and Australia. Human Rights must be safeguarded whatever the state of your Mental Health is. As one who has been subjected to the ‘confirmed’ misuse of the Act(s) by both the Australian and U.K Governments. I seek to amend both Acts to ensure Citizens rights are not removed by the Act. Read on as to how the Mental Health Act in its current form in both Australia and the UK can be considered illegal as it removes a person’s Human Rights.

Direct Energy Weapons kill and maim. They can cause permanent brain damage as well as heart failure and death. The U.K Government and the Government of Australia have done nothing to ensure the safety of Citizens from non-military use of DE Weapons. Yet they are funding development of these weapons. I asked Prime Minister Turnbull for confirmation that he has ensured safeguards are in place for the protection from any unauthorised use of such weapons – read the reply which did not answer the Question. 

My Poetry covers a wide range of subjects and are ‘Story Poems’ which include Dunkirk, D-Day, Hopscotch of Death (children dying in war) and the tragic murder of Marilyn Monroe. Interestingly I included North Korea’s Kim Jung’s Grandfather in my work as an attempt to promote a dialogue. All my work is intended to remind, provoke thought and discussion and provide a new Direction for Philosophy and Policy. Much of my work leads on to new Policies and Systems – which have all been ignored by Governments and the Media. Click here for some of my Poetry.

Other Subjects I write about but am not restricted to: Click Here for Q&A on Quora of my views or Click Here for a Summary Detail of the Subjects I write about.

Climate Change. I have written A Global Mandatory System for Halting the accelerating rate of Climate Change’. We need a ‘no disadvantage enforceable mandatory agreement’ if we are to save our Planet. See my Q&A on Climate Change.

My Climate Change Calculation; Climate Change is accelerating. That is the ‘rate of change’ to the bio-system which in itself is made of thousands upon thousands of smaller bio-systems is accelerating. However, it is the rate of change itself which is now the largest system factor of climate change. In effect the rate of acceleration is squared – it is x itself. We can no longer seek to address carbon emissions as the main contributor to the change to our Climate. We must take immediate action to prevent disasters from becoming accelerators. That means putting out bushfires as soon as they begin. It means preparing waterways to accommodate floodwater and it means irrigating huge drought areas with desalinated water. We have engineered Climate Change. Therefore, we must engineer it to the positive. Climate acceleration will continue until our Climate reaches a critical mass stage. Then our Climate will be in constant state of rapid change and totally unpredictable. To the extent that many of us will not be able to coexist with our Climate. See my Q&A on Climate Change.

  • New Systems I have Developed. When I am no longer censored by Government and Media these systems will be available for all to read and use.
  • A New Economic System  with a new theory of Employment that removes individual unemployment. A New system of Economic Investment written by me for Countries whose economies support its people have that does not allow corruption and replaces Donar Aid. A National and International Disaster Response System to deal with the increasing extremes of Climate and one which will save lives. Prison Reform. Ensuring penalties work and that Prisons are cost-effective with systems of self-management. A World Bill of Rights for All Creatures Great and Small – Freedom Is Universal. World Peace. A New system to stop conflicts in the World with a reform of the United Nations.

Fiction. Click Here and Here to read the use of my Science Fiction on Quora.

In an ideal world I would like my writing to be my day and night. However, circumstances do not at the moment allow that. I am currently employed but I am developing my New Business. which will be centred around but not limited to ‘drone technology’. My music production site is

Video Music Imagery Creation in collaboration with my sister Bea Last Artist

Bea Last Artist my sister created the imagery and I Desmond Last added the words and music. Inside the music is the following phrase ‘Mankind I am within thee, I seek your destiny – the phrase is in morse code heard with the music. Reflecting the difficulty humanity has to be heard.

Child Abuse does not end when the abuser is sentenced to a prison term. It is there for the entire life of the person who has been abused. His or her life will be altered forever because of it. Bea Last Artist my sister created the imagery and I Desmond Last added the words and music.